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Marrakech is a city with incredible attractions and luxurious offerings. Having lived here my entire life, Morocco has so much to offer than meets the eye. I became an event manager, licensed tour guide and professional driver enabling me to organise weddings, company events and large group tours in Marrakech. Also I show my guests and visitors just why, I and so many other people who live here, love Morocco!

My tours are fact based, captured from history & tales of the desert nomads and the Berber villagers. This knowledge enables me to drive off-road showing travelers secret Moroccan native villages, Berber cuisine and breathtaking desert scenery. My stories are best told in the backdrop of the city’s beautiful markets or under the starts in middle of the desert, all handpicked to ensure you get a scoopful, not just a taste, of the original Moroccan culture.

Our tours in Marrakech Desert Travel capture both the old and the new, in order to give you a comprehensive view of Marrakech city’s remarkable achievements. My standard tours are designed not only to cover the city’s gorgeous sights but also the natural wildlife beauty of the High Atlas Mountains and the Zagora / Merzouga Desert.

In addition, I also offer a bespoke service if you’re looking for something special.

Finally, Morocco has an endless list of attractions, dining and shopping options. I’m happy to narrow down that list for my clients, and recommend the city’s finest experiences so you can experience Marrakech like a true native.

Now, it’s time for you to plan your Moroccan adventure. Check out my tours and book away!