Destination: Full Relaxation

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Destination: Full Relaxation
arrakech offers various choices from discovering historical monuments with a 1000 year history to relaxing in the sand dunes with a unique sunset camel trekking. Whatever your choice, we will make sure that you fully enjoy the experience and feel relaxed throughout the way.

Morocco is a destination with ephemeral beauty and filled with beautiful designs. Walk across rough-textured pink walls and rose petals float in blue-tiled fountains. Experience and smell the aromatic piles of spices, which compete for one’s attention with overflowing bowls of moist olives or lusciously sweet dates. The snow-capped mountains in the High Atlas serve as a backdrop to giant date-palm trees, orange groves, and bougainvillea.

There is a palpable sense of welcome in Morocco. The enormous 12th century minarets has beckoned centuries of trans-Saharan traders on the final legs of their journeys through the Sahara Desert, filled with salt from Timbuktu and gold from mines whose locations are still a mystery. Although your journey to Marrakech will be easier than theirs, you will feel that same sense of welcome.

The heart – physical and spiritual center of Marrakech is definitely the Djemaa el Fnaa square, which is full of changing activity 24 hours a day. However, it comes alive in the evening as crowds start to gather around musicians, acrobats, and storytellers. At the end of the day, the square fills with portable food stalls, each serving local specialties to Moroccan families.

This square is so unique that in 2000, UNESCO decided to expand the World Heritage Site status by creating a new category for “Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity” they stated that the idea came from the Djemaa el Fnaa.

A great way to relax in Marrakech is to discover its labyrinthine pathways and souks (marketplaces). Artisans are highly respected in Morocco. Trades tend to run in families and many artisans use methods passed down for hundreds of years. Each trade and goods such as, jewelry, ceramics, weaving, cedar, carpets, enamel, copper, brass, among others are situated in a specific area.

Thriving in and around all of this is a growing, new side of the city. Hotels and riads (courtyard mansions in the medina, renovated as small hotels) offer world-class luxury.

A new generation of Moroccans, as well as expats who have chosen to make Marrakech their permanent home, have gathered worldwide attention for new architecture and design, home furnishings, and most notably, fashion.

We will guide you depending on your interests from exploring with our local guides the fabric souk to chilling in a typical Moroccan Spa. Dine in the best medinas and local restaurants.

In Marrakech Desert Travel, our goal is to make you enjoy and relax during your stay in Morocco. We will tailor tour packages depending on your needs.

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